With Labor Day officially come and gone, it' time to start gearing up for Fall.  While I would love to be running around in vests, long sleeves and riding boots, our weather isn't cooperating just yet.  So, instead of forcing the fall outfits, I'm starting with our home!  Because our storage space in the apartment is pretty limited, I'm not going all out with a bunch of different decor, but rather little touches here and there.

One of my absolute favorite things to make the home start feeling like fall is candles.  There's something about their warm glow that makes a room seem so cozy.  Everyone has their own preference when it comes to scent, and mine is that they be a little bit more spicy than sweet.   I've had a lot of luck finding great candles at Home Goods lately, but my usual go to is the three-wick candles from Bath & Body Works.  The one I've got pictured is by Yankee Candle, and it's called Autumn Wreath.

The next things I start pulling out is our fuzzy throws and warm blankets for our bed and living room.  We currently have a temperature control duvet for our bed, and usually just add this blanket from Target when it starts to get really cold.  We really love these fuzzy blankets, and both Kyle and I are usually pretty sad when the weather finally gets too warm to use them.   I'm not sure if these will be enough for a Boston winter, but I don't think I would have a problem adding a few more if needed!  My all time favorite throw for the couch is this one from Pottery Barn that was a Christmas gift from Kyle's parents last year.  The truth is, it's so cozy that Kyle and I usually end up fighting over it.  Maybe it's time for me to get him one of his own this year!  Just a little hint - Pottery Barn normally has them on sale at different times throughout the fall and winter!

Another item on my list are my Ugg slippers.  Whether or not you're crazy about the way Uggs look, there's absolutely no denying how warm they are.  My feet are always the first thing to get cold, and these slippers seriously don't come off my feet when the temperatures start to fall.

Once I've got my home all cozy and ready for fall, there's nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book and apple cider in my absolute favorite coffee mug.  Call me crazy, but I really, really don't like pumpkin spice lattes.  I've tried really hard to like them, but they just don't top apple cider!

I hope my cozy fall home essentials have inspired you to gear up for fall and enjoy my favorite season of the year!  Happy Friday, friends!