I'm going to start out this post by saying I've got pretty normal skin.  I'll have episodes of dry skin or oily skin based off what the weather is doing, and I generally just do minor adjustments to my routine that help get my skin back to normal.  I'll also say that I'm not overly adventurous when it comes to beauty products, just because it can get really expensive, and it may or may not perform how I want it to.  Once I find something that works, I stick with it for a while...and by that I mean years!  I thought I would share with y'all all my current favorites, some newer than others, but all here to stay in my routine and ones that I will gladly repurchase over and over again!

Jergen's Overnight Repair Lotion  //  I tried this lotion on a whim a few years ago, and I was hooked from the first time I used it.  It smells absolutely heavenly and really does repair your skin overnight.  I've even got some of my family members using it.  It's actually a little hard to find, and I order mine online from the website I linked above!

The Chanel Hydra Beauty Line has been my go-to skin care for about 2 years now.  After we got engaged I was looking for something to help me get into a routine and serious about skin care. I use the cremeserum and toner every day in the morning and evening.  I've tried other products from this line and liked those as well, but the three I've listed are the ones that had the biggest impact on my skin. My skin feels hydrated and I find myself using a lighter makeup and not needing nearly as much.

Clarisonic Mia  //  Ask anyone in my family and they'll tell you I go into full on crisis mode if I'm traveling and don't have my Clarisonic with me.  I've had mine for at least four years if not more, and it's still working perfectly.  I buy the sensitive skin brush heads, because I use this as an exfoliator and I don't want to be too rough on my skin.  I've also dropped down from using this every day to every other or every three days because every day was just too much.

Nars "Ita" Brush  //  I got the mini form of this brush from the Nars palette in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I have to say it's so easy to use I'll probably get the full sized brush.  This video from Jaclyn Hill is the one I used to teach myself how to contour and I promise you it's not as scary as it looks!  Trust me, if I can do it and pull it off with my pale skin, anyone can!

Aquaphor  //  This is probably the most random thing on my list, but also one of the best.  For some reason, I have a lot of problems with my lips drying out, but if I put this on at night, I wake up with super soft lips!

Neutrogena Face Wash  //  I've used just about every Neutrogena face wash under the sun, but this one is by far my favorite!

e.l.f. Setting Spray  //  I've talked about how much I love this setting spray before and I'm still using it every time I put on makeup!  I used to have a problem of the mascara on my lower lashes transferring to my under-eye, but as soon as I started using this that problem disappeared!

Neutrogena Make-up Remover  //  I've tried a lot of different brands of make-up removers and this is by far the best at removing eye and face makeup without being oily or breaking me out.

Lush Lip Scrub  //  This is another thing that saved me from my dry lip problems.  It's just enough of an exfoliation without being too harsh.  I usually use this right before I put on my aquaphor at night.  Oh, and it really does taste like bubble gum.  The mint julep flavor good too!

Donna Karen Deoderant  //  This is a new addition to my favorites, but I knew the instant I tried it that it was here to stay for a while.  I had tried just about every brand you can buy at the drug store, but I just could not get over how they all smell like straight powder or that you bathed in a tropical drink.  This scent is not overpowering and really does work!

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo  //  Dry shampoo is another product I've tried a ton of and this one has kept it's place in my medicine cabinet because it absorbs oil without making my hair feel stiff, look dried out, or turn white!

I hope my little list of my beauty must haves will help you find a few new favorites.  And if you're like me and have products you've stuck with for a long time, I'd love to hear what they are!