I don't think I've enjoyed a three day weekend this much in a long time.  We really just went with the flow which normally drives my type A personality crazy, but for some reason it didn't bother me one bit all weekend.  Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I should realize it's okay not to have every minute planned out.

We spent Saturday just relaxing and breaking in the new camera by shooting some looks for fall (stay tuned!).  On Sunday morning I took a class at Pure Barre and in the afternoon we went to the Minute Man National Park in Concord.  We had been to Concord before to check out some of the little shops and restaurants they have, but hadn't been to the park.  The afternoon was spent walking around and just taking in all the pretty views.  There were lots of people kayaking, paddle boarding, and biking as well.  If you love the outdoors and/or history, this is definitely a place to visit!

Labor Day for us was spent in Rockport, MA, which is home to Motif #1, the most painted building in the United States.  Rockport is such a cute little town, full of shops, restaurants (ice cream!) and really scenic views.  If you're up here and have the time to visit, I highly recommend it!

I hope y'all had a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day Weekend, and that this Tuesday isn't too rough!  Now, who's ready for fall?