For this past week being so short, it sure felt like a lot happened.  On Tuesday, I lost everything I had on my computer, and while it definitely is not a fun thing to go through, it wasn't the absolute worst.  Thank goodness we have social media to share photos, and the Cloud to save things from our phones, computers and iPads.  I'm thankful my most important photos were saved somewhere else, and that I didn't end up having to buy a new computer, but trust me, this girl has learned her lessen when it comes to backing things up.  If you don't already have one, go buy an external hard drive - it'll save you a lot of panic if anything ever does happen!  

I'm really excited for this weekend, because I'll be starting to volunteer with an organization at the church we go to, and Kyle has agreed to go pick apples with me!  If you've got any great recipes for apples, send them my way, because knowing me, we'll come home with a ton of apples.  Now, let's get to the fun stuff! (P.S. I'm still going strong on "No Shop September", and I'll do an update soon!)  

  • This dress is on the top of my to-buy list once my September shopping famine is over
  • I love a good fall vest, and this one takes vests to a whole new level
  • I've been wanting a fiddle leaf fig tree for a while now, and this little nugget would be the perfect starter one
  • I was a little leery of the lace up flat, but these beauties have changed my mind! 
  • If you want to try rocking a hat this fall, but don't want to spend a ton, this one is a great option.
  • Target can do no wrong.  Check out their plaid lookbook
Around the Web:
  • If you're like me and want to know what's going on in the world, but don't want to watch the news for an hour or scour news sites, then The Skimm is perfect for you!
  • Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at NYFW? This article talks about the most random jobs some people have 
  • Nothing is worse than ruining a favorite clothing item by laundering incorrectly, decode laundry labels with this article
  • Designer wearable technology?  Apple & Hermes have got you covered
  • If you're like me and are always having to reset passwords, then 1password will be your lifesaver!  It's an app that helps you store and keep track of all your passwords in one place.
  • I recently found out I like Moscow Mules and I can't wait to try this recipe to spice it up for fall.
Mrs. on the Move:
I hope your weekend is off to a great start, and that you're getting a little cooler temperatures like we are!