Good news! Kyle and I have found a place to live right outside of Boston.  We were extremely nervous before our trip because it seemed every time I would call an apartment complex or realtor, they either told me there was nothing fitting what I described, or that it was way, way out of our budget.  However, Kyle managed to find an apartment that we both loved, and we were praying that when we came to see it in person that it would be like it was on the website.  It absolutely surpassed our expectations, and we knew within a few minutes that this would be our new home.  I guess when you know, you know! 

Now that Kyle and I have found our new apartment, I am extremely excited to start decorating.  Our new place in Boston is very different than our house in Houston, so a lot of the things we had there won't necessarily work in our new space.  I'm hoping to update our style while keeping it really functional for the space that we have, so here are a few pieces that I'm loving!