With our upcoming trip to Boston this weekend, I thought I would share how I'm planning to pack everything I'll need into my carry-on.  This may seem like an easy task, but I'm the girl who had a "caution when lifting" tag stuck to her bag by the airport employees on our last trip to Florida.  I like to think I can be low maintenance when I travel, but in reality I'm the girl who packs everything but the kitchen sink. 

First, check your airline's policies on what they will consider a carry-on.  You don't want to be that person who's bag is too large - trust me, I've been there.  Most will allow you to carry on one bag to go in the overhead storage, and one personal item like a purse or brief case.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this and carrying both! For this trip, I've decided to "borrow" Kyle's luggage as my carry-on, and take my Madewell Transport Tote as my personal item. 

Next, I would check the weather for the city you're traveling to, and check it often.  You never know when there could be a freak storm and you don't want to be stuck without the right clothes.  Remember to keep this in mind for your actual flight as well.  The weather could be totally different from where you take off and where you land!  After you know what the weather is going to be like, make a list of everything you'll need to pack and stick to it. 

Now onto the fun part, clothes and accessories!  I usually try to pack clothes that I can interchange and make multiple outfits from. So if I'm considering packing an item, I need to be able to wear it at least two times.  This comes in handy in case the weather changes, or you need multiple outfits for one day.  As for my accessories, I normally take neutrals.  This will include my everyday jewelry, a few scarves (leopard is a neutral!), and comfortable & versatile shoes.  

When it comes to packing all my stuff into the suitcase, I have fallen in love with the Eagle Creek Pack-it system from The Container Store.  It truly is every Type A personality's dream.  It maximizes the space in your suitcase, and keeps everything organized at the same time.  When I need something out of my bag, I already know exactly which separate case to pull it from.  Currently, all of the Eagle Creek things I purchased are on sale at The Container store, so I stocked up!  I ended up with the 3 pack of the cubes, which I use to hold non-foldable clothes & accessories, the medium size folder, which is great for keeping clothes wrinkle free, and the shoe cube, great for keeping shoe germs away from all your other items! 

Hopefully my packing tips help you on your next trip!  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.  Kyle and I are off to Boston for the weekend in hopes to find an apartment - wish us luck!