We could not have asked for better weather while we were visiting Boston this past weekend.  There was no humidity, a nice breeze, and it actually got cool at night.  I will definitely miss a lot of things about Texas, but the weather will not be one of them!  

While we were there, Kyle and I decided to spend one of the days walking around downtown so we could get a better feel for the city.  We met one of my sorority sisters at Granary Tavern, which had a delicious brunch and great atmosphere.  From there we went to see a few of the touristy things, and then decided to head to Newbury Street for some shopping.  Kyle found a jewelry store that sells a particular brand of watches he loves, so we spent a good amount of time just looking around in there.  I'm not too sure if we should have found this street, because it had some of the best shopping all in one place.  We did have to do a bit of walking, but it was all worth it for the wide variety of stores.    

One particular store we found was something I had never seen before.  A group of local artists and Etsy shop owners had come together to have a store front called the Newbury Handmade Market.  I really enjoyed talking with Lara, the owner of the store and rocked jewelry.  The pieces in the shop were absolutely beautiful, and I always love to support local artists when I can! 

Any anxiety I had about moving to our new city is completely gone.  I'm looking forward to moving to such a beautiful place and taking on this wonderful adventure with Kyle and Pecan!