nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 review picks fall fashion preview style

I know the Anniversary Sale posts can be a little (or a lot) overwhelming this time of year because every blogger and their mom decides to post about all these fall essential pieces you need when its about a million degrees outside.  And before you jump on me because I've done posts like this in the past, I'm changing it up this year -  no collages and no #musthaves list - I'm simply going to share with you what I try on in store or spot online, how it fits and whether or not I actually think its a good buy.  Now before we get started, I wanted to preface all of this by saying I'm here to give you my honest review of things.  I always look to fellow bloggers and other consumer's reviews before purchasing and that's something I really appreciate when shopping, so I want to give you the same courtesy!

When I was in the dressing room this morning trying on the mountain of clothes I had picked out, I thought I was losing my mind.  Literally everything was running really big.  I know the brands that Nordstrom carries really well and know my size in just about all of them, so it's not like I walked in having no idea what size to grab.  And I wish I could have recorded the conversations going on in all the other dressing rooms because everyone was saying the same exact thing.  I'm not too sure if everything was meant to be really oversized this year, but for almost everything I had to size down!

So, here we go!  Oh, and yes these are shameless dressing room selfies.

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 early access shopping halogen scalloped shift dress in black So, here we go!  Sole society leopard clutch fall fashion style .png
Dress (tts) |  Clutch  
loved the scallop details, the material of this dress pretty lightweight, 
so those of you in warmer climates could get away with this one too. 

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 fall fashion preview style caslon tie knot sweatshirt zella live in leggings
Top (runs large - size down)  |  Leggings (tts) 
I'm a sucker for grey sweatshirts and this one was no exception.  
The tie details is too cute and it was super soft!

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 fall fashion preview distressed sweater trouve
Top (runs large, size down)  |  Leggings (tts)
The material is a thicker knit and the bottom peplum is a pleated 
dress shirt-like material. 

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 fall fashion preview suburban riot tshirt work hard and be nice
T-shirt (tts)  |  Same leggings as above 
I love that graphic tees have made a return!  This brand always makes the 
best ones and I love this saying!  It is a little sheer but not too bad. 

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 fall fashion preview distressed sweater trouve
Sweater  (tts)  |  Leggings same as above
Distressed + Sweater = my favorite!  This sweater is not super soft like some 
of the others but it does have some really great distressed details! It also came in some 
other colors, I just clearly have a love affair with grey.

I could not pass up this cute little maroon backpack (hey fellow Aggies!). 
It is faux leather but has a really nice feel to it and didn't seem like it would 
scratch easily.  It also comes in a pretty teal color! 

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 fall fashion preview style pleione tie sleeve poplin blouse zella live in leggings.png
Top  |  Leggings same as previous
I've never been one to love a dress shirt, but I loved this one the second I saw it.
It has a cute bow detail on the sleeves and there are buttons that run all the way down 
the back!  I do think this shirt would be a little high maintenance in that it would need to be steamed/ironed. 

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 fall fashion preview style pleione pleat inset french terry top peplum black and white stripes
Top  |  Jeans
I loved the cuff detail of this top!  It's a thicker material and runs large - I sized down.  
As for the jeans - these are the only ones I liked but to me were not worth the $150 price 
tag.  I really struggled to find any jeans that fit properly and I tried them at all price points.  
Most of them seemedto have too much stretch in them and it made them unflattering in weird places.
Another section I was really underwhelmed with was the designer handbags.  
Normally you can find some really beautiful and unique pieces but this year 
seemed to be pretty similar to last years or stuff that is already in store with one small 
detail changed.  This Tory Burch was the exception and I loved it because of its size, 
the chain straps and it had three sections inside (similar to their Robinson tote). 

So out of everything I tried on, these were the only things I really loved and not even all of these came home with me.  Most of the pieces felt like stuff I had seen in stores already, or were so similar to things I already have that I would have kicked myself for buying.  I'm not trying to be a total Debbie downer on the sale because it will always be great for stocking up on your basics like Hanky Pankyt-shirts, or some of your beauty staples that you use all the time, but I really felt like the sale was lacking good, original pieces.  I've shopped the sale for quite a few years now and this is really the first year I've felt like this, so maybe it's me or the fact that I don't really need anything right now, but I was honestly shocked with how little I liked.

This post was really based off my in-store experience, so I have not had time to really shop online just yet.  I did want to share with you some of the beauty items I liked in store but did not manage to get a picture of as well as some of the shoes.  I tried to look at shoes and you seriously could not touch that section without having a ridiculously long wait time.  Chicago's Northshore really their shoes, I guess!  I'll link some of my online favorites below, you can shop them simply by clicking on the picture!

Happy shopping!