With a new year comes a fresh start and with that fresh start, good intentions.  But somehow, even the best intentions seem to go awry after a couple of months.  It happens year after year, and my past year's resolutions were no exception.  So, this year as I sat down to think about the new year, I also thought about why past year's resolutions have failed and after a while it hit me.  Resolutions are normally made in a negative way; "I want to stop doing this", or "I need to cut back on that".  So instead of focusing on what I need to stop doing, this year I'll be setting positive goals for myself.  Life shouldn't be about restricting yourself, but instead on doing what you love and doing more of it every chance you get.

ONE  |  Mrs. on the Move

Even though I was pretty apprehensive about starting this blog (for many different reasons), it continues to surprise me each and every day.  I've realized skills I didn't know I had, learned new things I never thought I would, and joined an amazing community of fellow bloggers.  Now that the blog is starting to become something more than just my hobby, I want to focus even more on creating great content.  This goal also includes learning more about stuff that goes on behind the scenes of Mrs. on the Move and making more of a consistent schedule!  

TWO  |  Travel

Moving to a different part of the country this year gave us a huge opportunity to see so many places we never would have gone before the move.  I mean, it takes 10 hours just to get out of Texas, so little weekend trips to somewhere outside of the state weren't exactly possible from Houston.  So, while we're still in the northeast, I want to travel more and see as much as possible!  I'll be kicking off this year with a nice little trip back to Boston from Texas - hello road trip!

THREE  |  Health

Last year I started attending Pure Barre classes at a studio in The Woodlands.  While I had every intention of keeping up this habit after the move, it just didn't feel the same.  I think there is definitely a sense of community in group exercise classes and after establishing myself at one studio, it was hard to get used to another.  In addition to changing studios, exercise classes of any kind tend to be very expensive, and although it was something I enjoyed, it definitely is not the most practical or economical way to work out.  My plan is to shift my focus on doing workouts that can be done anywhere and really working on finding something that I can stick to.  I know a lot of resolutions revolve around wanting to lose weight, and while that is definitely something that I want to do, I've realized as I age my it is of the utmost importance to me to be healthy and physical activity and a healthy diet are at the root of that.

FOUR  |  Cooking

I have a love/hate relationship with cooking.  Trying new recipes and hitting them out of the park is one of the best feelings, and yes, I realize how dorky I just sounded by saying that.  But I absolutely hate when I have a recipe fail or someone (ahem, Kyle) doesn't like what I cook.  Also, I hate doing dishes.  All kidding aside though, my goal of cooking more ties into another one of my goals of focusing on my health.  There's definitely a difference with how I feel when I eat better, and eating better for us starts with me cooking at home.  But for the days I don't feel like cooking 100% healthy, I plan on trying out recipes from this cookbook that I got for Christmas!

FIVE  |  Spending

This past year I did a little exercise I entitled No Shop September.  While I definitely learned a lot from it, not shopping is not exactly realistic for someone who loves to shop as much as I do.  Focusing on each purchase and making sure it is something that I will actually enjoy for a long time is, however, realistic and a practice I want to continue into 2016.

Whatever your resolutions or goals may be this year, I wish you the best of luck and a happy New Year!