Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Top Picks Spanx Dyson Bombas Slip

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview launched last week and I was pleasantly surprised with the selection this year!  Maybe it's because we were inside for almost a year, or maybe it's because we're on the verge of a move where I literally should not be buying more clothes that we'll eventually have to pack, but I'm more than ready for a wardrobe refresh and this sale is the perfect time to snag some staple pieces at a discount. 

I will preface my top picks with this - the sale can be overwhelming and it is easy to get caught up in the feeling that you have to buy, buy, buy just because it's on sale. I've been there, done that, so my piece of advice is to set a budget, make a list of the things you actually need to replace or round out your wardrobe, and avoid the temptation to shop outside of those parameters. My top categories I shop are beauty and athleisure, because they both have brands I know, love and am very familiar with quality, fabrics, etc. 

The preview is live now and public access starts on July 28th, but if you've got a Nordstrom card you can start shopping as early as the July 12th depending on your Nordy Club level. If you're worried something you like might sell out quickly, I recommend adding things to your wish list for easy shopping once the sale goes live.  I've picked out my top favorites from all categories, which are things I have and love or will be buying to try out this year.  Happy shopping!