It's no secret that I love a good designer find, but at the end of the day a girl's closet can only hold so much.  I tend to clean out my closet quarterly, and while this might seem excessive to some people, I have a real problem with clutter and get overwhelmed when there is simply just too much stuff. This is where my love of eBay comes to the rescue!
When sorting through my clothing, accessories and shoes I make piles to donate, sell or give to friends/family.  I rarely just throw anything away (unless it is too damaged) because there is always someone out there who will want it or can put to use the things that no longer spark joy for me.  And yes, I did just reference Marie Kondo.  Her book really helped me wrap my mind around cleaning and organizing and I recommend it to people all the time!

Once I've sorted through all my things, I take the "sell" pile and get to work.  I photograph and list my items - I tend to use the "buy it now" style listing that allows me to accept offers instead of listing things as a true auction - and then store them in bins that I keep in one of our guest room's closets.  I do this because it stays out of sight and when someone buys it I know exactly where to find it instead of hunting all through the house for things!  I do try to limit myself to a maximum of two bins of items that I'm trying to sell at any given time just because of space.  

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to people wanting to sell their things on eBay is to have patience.  Some stuff sells minutes after I list it while other things can take weeks or months before I get an offer.  Keeping things "out of sight, out of mind" is the easiest way I've found to exercise patience.  

My next piece of advice is to try listing anything that is in good enough condition to sell.  The other day I literally sold a Victoria's Secret necklace that was a gift with purchase necklace from 5 years ago!  You truly never know what people are willing to buy until you take the chance of listing it. 

Finally, to avoid frustration, be honest with the condition of your item. Things with flaws and imperfections will sell, but you have to be honest to the buyers about the state of your items. I try to include detailed photos of any imperfections as well as a written description in the "item details" section. 

While I mostly sell on eBay rather than buy, I do occasionally buy things that are no longer sold in stores and vintage pieces.  There is a method to my madness when I buy on eBay as I'm a very particular shopper which is something I plan on highlighting in another post!