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Kyle and I were in the car the other day and the topic of Amazon came up - it's been a bit of a conversation starter in Dallas lately since we made the short list for its second headquarters!  While I don't consider myself a serial Amazon shopper, I do order some of our household goods from there and am a sucker for beauty products and gadgets.  I love hearing what other people buy from Amazon (#nosey), so after reading this post Ashley wrote I thought I would share a list of my own!

1 | Silk Pillowcase

This was from my most recent order and I bought it to replace the one I've been sleeping on for a couple of years.  I've noticed a drastic difference in how my hair holds style and is less frizzy when I sleep on a silk pillowcase compared to a cotton one and I never wake up with any of the dreaded face creases!  I looked at several more expensive brands an just couldn't justifying spending that much on a pillowcase.  At under $30 this ones a steal and I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality so far! My order came with this mask and I have to admit it's quite the dream as well!

2 | Phone/Watch Charging Stand

I honestly felt a little silly when I ordered these for Kyle and I, but I totally geeked out the first night I used mine.  It sits on my nightstand and I love that it keeps my phone upright so I can easily see the time or if I have a message.  And for all of you that are clumsy like me - I definitely don't knock my phone/watch off my nightstand as much with this!

3 | Jade Roller

Jade rolling has become quite the trend as of late and I definitely jumped on the bandwagon after reading all the benefits.  When used consistently, jade rolling helps to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage while reducing the appearance of fine lines.  While I haven't seen drastic changes,  my favorite part is how cool to the touch and refreshing the stone is on my face.  Some people keep theirs in the fridge, but mine gets pretty cool on my countertop.

4 | Essential Oil Diffuser

Let me preface this by saying I am not huge on essential oils.  I know the list of benefits from using essential oils is a mile long, but honestly I just haven't been that motivated to do all the research that goes along with it.  That being said, this little thing is pure gold for what I use it for - getting food smells out of the kitchen after I cook.  I'm a total weirdo and hate smelling food after I cook or leave a restaurant and most of the time candles just mask the smells.  I use this lemon essential oil with the diffuser after I cook and it helps so much!

5 | Makeup Remover Towels

I originally purchased these to put in our guest bathroom, but I couldn't resist trying them for myself first and I. am. hooked.  I quit using makeup remover towelettes quite a while ago and switched to micellar water.  While I still use the micellar water to remove my everyday eye makeup, these towels are what I use when I have on a full face of makeup.  They're black so your makeup won't stain them and they have "makeup" embroidered on them so you won't get them confused with your other wash cloths!  A six pack is $25 which is such a good deal considering I've paid $20 for one in the past.

6 | Collagen Peptides

It's no secret I'm a fan of collagen peptides - I did a full review of them here!  I order mine from Amazon because they are on prime and I'm really bad about realizing when I'm about to run out.

7 | Purse Organizer

I had a different purse organizer (also ordered from Amazon) and it sadly met it's match when I spilt a large soda in one of my brand new purses.  I would be lying if I said it wasn't 10 minutes of hysteria int the Wesson house, but thankfully the purse survived, but my organizer did not.  I was kind of in the market for a sturdier one, so after searching so many different options on Etsy, The Container Store and finally Amazon, I found this one.  It's got several pockets, sturdy sides and the lining is pink so it's easier to find what you're looking for!

8 | Cuticle Oil

My hands are always dry and my cuticles suffer the most.  I was using a cuticle oil that you applied with a brush, but if I had a dime for every time I spilt it on myself or our bedding I would be able to afford a lot more random things from Amazon!  This one has really cute packaging, is applied with a rollerball and smells really good.  I do most of my manicures at home these days so this has become a staple in my routine.

9 | Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

This one goes hand in hand with the last item and so far I've been really impressed!  I put it on at night and I've noticed a major difference in the dryness and fine lines on my hands throughout the day.  It does smell like sunscreen (which I oddly love), so if that bothers you this might not be the hand lotion for you.

10 | Wool Dryer Balls

This one is pretty random, but I ordered these in an effort to minimize the amount of time our clothes spent in the dryer.  I already hand dry all my workout clothes and most of my dressier tops and really didn't want to have to add anything else to that pile.  I've used these both in an apartment dryer and our new one that we got for our home a few months ago and our clothes dry so much faster and have a lot fewer wrinkles (unless I forget them!).

xo, Kathryn