Mother's Day is really a day of mixed emotions for me.  I normally don't like to get too personal on here, but for some reason this has been weighing on my heart quite a bit this year.  I have so many incredible women in my life - my Mamaw, my mother-in-law, Kyle's Grandma, my step mom and the many women who were like second moms to me while I was growing up.  But one person who is notably absent from a lot of things discussed here and in my life is my own mom.

When people ask me what my mom was like, I always struggle to find the right words because what comes to mind never seems to do justice to what an incredible person she was.  She had a heart for service and was always putting others before herself.  She was incredibly fierce yet full of compassion.  She gave the best hugs and was always game for an adventure.  She was all the things a mother should be and so much more.  She was my best friend.  

There have been so many changes in my life in the five years since she passed away.  I graduated from Texas A&M,  adopted Pecan, got married to my best friend and moved across the country twice.           When I imaged the biggest days of my life, I never for a second imagined them without my mom.  I felt her presence on all of those days and the days in between, but there will always be that place in my heart that isn't quite full.

I didn't write any of this post to be a Debbie downer or rain on anyone's parade, but rather to remind everyone that some days, especially holidays, bring out different emotions for certain people.  For those of you who have lost someone, my heart aches for you.  I hope today and every day you are surrounded by people that love you and are able to cherish the special memories you have.  And for those of you who still have your loved ones in your life,  please don't miss an opportunity to say, "I love you" or tell them how much they mean to you.  Life is too short and too precious not to.

To all of the amazing women in my life - thank you.  Thank you for being there for me on not only the happy days, but the dark days too.  Thank you for guiding me and helping to shape me into who I am today.  Thank you for the countless prayers, favors, and hugs.  They mean more than I will ever be able to express!