I can't believe there are just two and a half weeks until Christmas!  I've been so focused on getting all our shopping done before I leave for Texas, that picking out my Christmas outfits have been on the back burner.  Like Thanksgiving, our family likes to stay pretty casual for our Christmas gatherings, but I do like to pick out something special for church and holiday parties!  I'm hoping to get inspired enough to shop for my outfits before we leave this weekend, but knowing me, I'll procrastinate and wait until the last minute.  So, I thought I would pick out some pieces to hopefully inspire you (and me!) to not show up to Christmas in our pajamas!


Sweaters and Blouses

Skirts and Pants


I hope your Monday is off to a great start, and if not, I hope you thoroughly enjoy some online shopping to make it better! Neiman Marcus is offering 20% off gifts through Tuesday 9 AM CST, and J.Crew started their 5 days of surprise sales and today is an extra 40-50% off sale and FREE shipping!