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I love a good cable knit sweater, but have had a hard time finding one lately that didn't look completely frumpy and boring.  I had tried a lot of different brands, and was about to give up hope when I found this one from Caslon while browsing at Nordstrom.  I've bought things from this brand before, so I knew the quality would be good, and this one definitely does not disappoint!  I love that it's longer and oversized, and the neckline is probably one of my favorites that I've tried on.  It's also perfect for the in between weather days because the sleeves are shorter.  I wore a tank underneath it for this past weekend while we were running errands, but it would look great with a long sleeves too!

Another purchase I made this past weekend that I had needed for quite a while was a good pair of jeans.  I don't know what it is about denim, but I really hated spending a lot of money on it.  But after trying on lots of pairs at varying price points, I'm now a firm believer that good denim comes at a price.  Don't get me wrong, I will still probably purchase denim at lower price points in the future to try out a style I may or may not be sold on, but if I know I like a style, I'll be going for higher quality.

The jeans I'm wearing above are from J.Crew.  I never would have thought to shop there for denim, but this pair fit all the requirements I had for the style I was looking for.  I wanted a skinny distressed jean, but didn't want too many holes.  Frostbite on your kneecaps is not cute.  I also wanted the pair to have a small amount of stretch, but not the kind of stretch where you're constantly pulling up your jeans all day.  These made it through a whole day of running errands, and stretched out only a little bit!  

I told Kyle not to judge me when I wear this outfit like, three days a week, because that's definitely what's going to happen.  It just feel so much like fall and that's definitely a plus in my book!  I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend and this Monday is treating you well!