Flats  //  Jacket (old), similarsimilar  //  Sequin Tank (major sale!!!)
Pixie Pant (also on sale!)  //  Purse (old), similar

When you don't have the option to run out and find a new outfit for an event, it becomes a fun challenge to find new outfits and pair your pieces in ways you hadn't thought before.  That's exactly what I've been doing this past month.  It's been making me go beyond my style "comfort zone" and put together things I probably wouldn't have thought of otherwise.  I've had this Lauren Conrad blush jacket for a while now, but hadn't worn it in quite sometime.  I was looking for something to go over this sequin tank I picked up a while back, and loved how the soft color of the jacket contrasted the olive green and sparkles of the tank.  A little feminine and a little edgy has become one of my favorite  ways to pair outfits and I can't wait to use this little formula all fall!

I also have to take a minute to talk about these flats.  My absolute favorite pair of leopard flats met their demise about two months  ago when the entire sole separated from the shoe.  They were from Target, and only around $20 when I bought them years ago, so I didn't see spending the money to have them repaired.  I had looked around for a little while but hadn't found anything with the perfect mix of cute and comfortable, until I stumbled upon these at Nordstrom.  They're probably one of the most comfortable flats I've ever worn and they have little treads on the bottom!  

Do you have a favorite formula for pairing your fall outfits?