Old Navy Dress (old) similarsimilar  //  Necklace  
Target Booties (old) similarsimilar  //  Purse  //  Earrings
Vest (old) similarsimilar

This Old Navy dress has been in my closet since college, and I don't foresee getting rid of it any time soon.  It's one of those pieces I go back to again and again because it's a classic silhouette and so easy to wear.  It came in lots of different colors at the time, and I'm honestly still kicking myself for not buying it in each and every color they had.  I always find pieces that I absolutely love and have such a hard time picking a color, and then end up wishing I had bought multiples.  Lesson learned!

Most of the clothes for the fall season tend to be darker colors, but I love having a bright piece for fall.  Just because the season changes doesn't mean you have to put away certain clothes that aren't traditionally worn that time of year - rock your white jeans and brights for as long as you want!  You can easily keep wearing your brights from other seasons by making your accessories ones that are traditionally worn in the fall.  Insert booties and a fur vest and you're good to go!

I'd love to hear how y'all wear your favorite pieces year round!