Before our stuff arrived in Boston, I was living out of my suitcase packed with about two weeks of clothes.  This was a total eye opener for me in more ways than one, and has inspired me to write this series of posts about wardrobe staples I think every woman should have in her closet.  Now what I'm about to say makes me feel almost sinful,  but  I honestly didn't miss the rest of my clothes.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good shopping spree as much as the next girl, but when you have the right things in your closet it can make life much, much easier.

1.  Wedges // During the summer wedges are my go-to shoes to dress up any outfit.  They're comfortable and so much easier to walk in that regular heels, which is exactly what you need for all your outdoor activities!  Option 2 // Option 3

2. Leopard // In my opinion, leopard is totally a neutral.  I love throwing on a touch of leopard because it can be a statement piece without being over the top.  Plus, what gets better than leopard and scallops? Option 2 // Option 3

3. Sneakers // I'm loving the athleisure trend right now because it gives us an excuse to wear the comfiest shoes!  These are great to take on trips this summer when you know you'll be doing a ton of walking.  Option 2 (last seen here) // Option 3

4. Riding Boots // These seriously never come off my feet during the fall.  There's something about them that makes an outfit come together so easily and look so effortless.  Option 2 // Option 3

5. Black Pumps // Honestly, black pumps one of the most versatile pieces in a woman's closet.  They'll take you from work to date night, and even go with that gorgeous dress you picked out for a special event.  Option 2 // Option 3

6. Strappy Sandals // I recently added a pair of these to my closet and am so excited for all the possible outfits I can create with these.  They're another wardrobe staple that you can dress up or down and I've seen a lot of fun styles lately.  Option 2 // Option 3

7. Rain Boots // I can't tell you how many times these have saved me.  There's nothing I hate more than ruining a pair of shoes in the rain, so if there's even a chance of bad weather, you better bet these are on my feet!  Option 2 // Option 3

8. Flat Sandal // I recently had to retire my favorite pair of flat sandals (it was a sad, sad day).  These are currently in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I think they may be making their way into my closet!  Option 2 // Option 3

9.  Neutral Ballet Flats // These are great when you need to wear something a little more dressy than a sandal, but are not ready to commit to wearing heels all day. Option 2 // Option 3

Some of these pieces are definitely investments, but I promise you they will last you multiple years and are well worth the money you'll spend on them.  I recommend building your wardrobe staples over time, and definitely taking advantage of finding them in sales when you can!

So, what are your wardrobe staples?