After we got to Boston, we had a little time to kill before we could actually enter our apartment.  So, believe it or not, Pecan, Kyle, his parents and I actually got back into the car for an impromptu road trip to Freeport and Ogunquin, Maine.  At first this started out as a quest for lobster stew, but it turned into a day of shopping, dinner overlooking a cove, and a walk as the sun set along the Atlantic.

The L.L. Bean Flagship store is located in Freeport, Maine, and is absolutely fantastic.  There are actually five stores at this location and all of them except the outlet are open 24/7/365.  So if you need some L.L. Bean in your life at 3 a.m., you go right ahead!  Kyle and I ended up purchasing a pair of their bean boots (women'smen's).  They usually sell out of these pretty quickly once the weather starts turning colder, so we decided to go ahead an buy them early.  The sizing runs extremely large and I recommend you go at least one size down. 

Freeport itself is such a cute little town.  There is a ton of shopping with all of the major stores that you would see in a mall, but they are located in cute little storefronts.  Kyle ended up snagging a couple of jackets from the Patagonia store there, and I picked up a cashmere sweater on deep discount.  Kyle is currently in full winter prep mode, and I on the other hand have not wrapped my mind around the fact that I will, indeed, need an actual coat this year.  

Once we finished up all our shopping, we hopped back in the car and headed towards Ogunquin, Maine, which is about 45 minutes away.  The town was extremely cute and absolutely packed.  It was buzzing with restaurants, shops, and the most adorable, little inns.  We ate at a place called Barnacle Billy's (highly recommended to us by Kyle's grandpa), and the view was absolutely spectacular.  It overlooked Perkins Cove and we were able to watch the boats come in from the day's fishing trips.  

After dinner, there was a walking path called Marginal Way that led you along the Atlantic.  The houses along here were to die for and I could have moved in yesterday if they would let me! 

If you ever have the chance to get to this part of the country, do so!  Coming from the south, I never knew why people were so crazy about the northeast, but after our little Maine adventure, I totally understand.