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Here is the permanent home of my list of 101 things I would like to accomplish in the next 1,001 days!  I'll be crossing off things from this list as I accomplish them and if they're a major milestone or  worthy of their own post I will link that here as well!  I hope by publishing this list I inspire you to either write your own or maybe do a shortened version! 

Start Date: November 1, 2017

Personal Development (1/16)
1. take my 250th Pure Barre class
2. take my 500th Pure Barre class
3. complete 3rd whole 30
4. find a volunteering opportunity
5. finish all the French Duolingo Lessons
6. get my eyes checked
7. buy a pair of glasses that cost more than $15
8. buy a new car (shhh don’t tell Bertha)
9. learn how to invest in the stock market
10. get my CHL
11. give up soda for a month
12. turn off electronics 1 hour before bedtime for 2 weeks
13. go “meat free” for at least a week
14. spend 24 hours unplugged
15. go one month without eating out
16. pick 3 charities to donate to yearly

New Home (0/19)
17. buy a house [11/2/17 - see the post here
18. have a housewarming party
19. host a holiday at our new house
20. send moving announcements
21. unpack every moving box 
22. furnish house [1/21/18]
23. complete one DIY project in new house
24. organize all of our photos in boxes
25. plant a garden
26. invest in one original piece of art [here]
27. have our diplomas framed
28. buy a Roomba [got this as a housewarming gift!]
29. make an “emergency kit”
30. buy (and stock) a wine fridge
31. host a non-family member at new house
32. host a wine tasting at our house
33. learn how to use our fireplace 
34. buy a set of kitchen knives 
35. complete our wedding china 

Blog (1/7)
36. Publish this list [10/1/17]
37. do a home tour on the blog
38. blog at least 2x/week
39. attend a Dallas based blogger event 
40. launch my city guide
41. incorporate interior design on the blog 
42. update my “about me” page 

Family & Friends (1/13)
43. have a girls day with Emma 
44. host a shower for someone
45. have professional pictures of Kyle and I taken
46. have family photos with each of our families 
47. treat my grandparents to dinner
48. treat kyle’s parents to dinner
49. treat my dad & grace to dinner
50. reconnect with an old friend
51. send our entire family birthday cards for one year without missing anyone
52. help Kyle organize his email accounts 
53. make a new friend
    Just for Fun (0/12)
    54. read 100 books
    55. write 25 “just because” letters
    56. take a calligraphy class
    57. take a flower arranging class
    58. buy a fiddle leaf fig tree (and keep it alive!)
    59. send out Christmas Cards each year [2017]
    60. pay it forward 3 times
    61. adopt a child for Christmas 
    62. leave 100% tip for great service [10.1.17 - while watching the Astros win the World Series!]
    63. go one month without putting heat on my hair 
    64. subscribe to a magazine [The Magnolia Journal]
    65. send 3 people flowers just because
      Dallas (0/7)
      66. find a church 
      67. visit 3 museums [The Modern, Dallas Museum of Art]
      68. try 3 new foods [German at Jörg's Cafe Vienna on 2/24/18]
      69. find a farmer’s market
      70. try 10 new restaurants
      71. find local doctors
      72. go to a play or musical 
        Travel (0/9)
        73. visit one new state
        74. go to Paris
        75. go to New Orleans
        76. go to Seattle
        77. go back to Harry Potter World (preferably at Christmas)
        78. attend an A&M football game
        79. go to Waco to see The Silos, Magnolia Bakery, etc. 
        80. visit a winery
        81. take an anniversary trip 
          Fitness (0/5)
          82. try a new workout class [Pure Reform]
          83. walk 10,000 steps every day for at least a week
          84. take a yoga class
          85. create a consistent workout schedule
          86. run a 5K
            Cooking/Baking (0/6)
            87. make homemade jam
            88. learn a family recipe from Kay 
            89. bake someone a cake from scratch
            90. learn 5 new recipes
            91. make homemade bread 
            92. attend a cooking class
            93. learn how to make Mamaw’s dressing
            94. learn how to make Mamaw’s peach cobbler
              Organization (3/7)
              95. get a Texas driver’s license [12.15.17]
              96. order updated non-Hello Kitty checks
              97. find a method to organize my purse
              98. update my passport
              99. order personalized stationary 
              100. digitize our address book  [12.20.17]
              101. set an organized budget 

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